CashBack Terms and Condition

Saving you time and money while you shop is our mission.

How It Works

Our CashBack Program is simple and straight forward, you click and purchased from our affiliate store within 24hrs , we track and secure our commission, and you get a maximum 50% of our commission.

All of our affiliates has different terms and conditions on their programs, so long story short please allow us a maximum of 3 weeks after your purchase to clear the transactions before you can be able to withdraw your cashback. As much as we want to give you your cashback as soon as possible, so sorry to say that letsgetcoupon needs to follow every stores policy in order to give you the maximum savings.

The Flow

  • Click the offer @
  • Purchased the product at the affiliate stores
  • Lets get Coupon System track your transactions
  • Lets Get Coupon Contact the Affiliate Stores
  • Lets Get Coupon Clear the transaction, approved and post it on your Profile
  • Instantly Withdraw your CashBack after the approval

Sample commission transaction

  • If the Offer at is 50% cashback meaning you’ll get 50% of our commission.
  • Our system automatically calculate the deduction from our commission accordingly to the percentage offered.
  • Every Affiliates Store has a different commission percentage rate and all your CashBack Value is based on the commission that we get.
  • Sample: Caitlyn saw an offer at for a lovely red shoes that has a cashback of 50%. She purchased it at the affiliate store using the affiliate link for $100. The store commission policy state that will receive a 10% commission that values $10, so now Caitlyn will receive $5 Cashback from
  • We Get a Commission you get a Cashback, everybody saves.
  • Happy Savings
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